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EVEXIAS Health Solutions is the leading provider of integrated wellness solutions for men and women seeking relief from symptoms of hormone imbalance, including hot flashes, anxiety, weight gain, muscle loss, and sexual dysfunction.

Our providers are experts at helping patients discover total wellness through integrative medical therapies, including hormone pellet therapy, nutraceuticals, and health lifestyle changes.

The Solution to Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalance affects millions of men and women globally, reducing quality of life, and impacting social interactions, relationships, and more. Though the condition is quite common and brought on by factors such as aging and stress, many people suffering from hormone imbalance believe that it is “just life” or “part of aging” rather than a treatable condition and available long-term solutions.

EVEXIAS Health Solutions offers men and women suffering from hormone imbalance a variety of treatment options designed to get to the root of the problem. Every wellness plan is tailored to meet your unique needs and lifestyle. Therapies like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), hormone pellet therapy, and advanced nutraceutical supplements have been proven effective for symptoms, such as poor sleep, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, joint pain, and mood swings.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

Bioidentical hormones, also often referred to as human identical hormones, are sourced from natural substances and designed in the same molecular structure as the hormones naturally produced in the human body. This exact-match structure ensures that when supplemented to treat a hormone imbalance, your systems will function optimally without side effects.

Unlike synthetic hormones, which are chemically-derived, bioidentical hormones attach to your body’s receptors exactly as the hormones naturally produced by your body. Synthetic hormones do not fit into hormone receptors perfectly, which leads to dangerous side effects and ineffective treatment.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is renowned in countless studies and patient testimonials as the safe and effective treatment for hormone imbalance. BHRT supports your health beyond relieving uncomfortable symptoms of menopause or andropause. Research has shown that bioidentical hormones also offer protective benefits that help reduce the risk of diseases related to hormonal changes, such as heart attack, stroke, and certain cancers.

EVEXIAS Health Solutions exclusively uses the highest-quality natural bioidentical hormones from one of the nation’s leading FDA-registered compounding pharmacies to help patients address the root cause of their symptoms and discover a fuller, healthier way of life.

Advanced Nutraceutical Supplements

No treatment plan is complete without supplemental support from the top-quality nutraceuticals. Even a “perfect” diet cannot provide the body with all the nutrients essential to optimal function as you age.

A complete nutritional profile is vital to your hormone balance treatment plan. When the right nutrients are paired with your hormone therapy, you achieve enhanced bioavailability and absorption to maximize results and keep you feeling your best.

EVEXIAS Health Solutions offers a wide selection of nutraceutical supplements created from the finest ingredients and prescribed by your practitioner to achieve the greatest outcomes with your treatment plan.

EVEXIAS Leadership Team

The EVEXIAS team has helped thousands of practitioners across the nation enhance patient care and expand their bottom line through advanced medical education and training from industry-leading medical practitioners, researchers, and scientists, as well as providing access to leading-edge therapies and technologies that support the prevention of disease and improve quality of life. Every EVEXIAS program is backed by strategic business plans and operational practices exclusively developed for private medical practices by top experts in business and medicine.

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Medical Advisory Board

EVEXIAS Health Solutions is backed by a team of top medical practitioners passionate about transformational patient care. Every member of the medical board is recognized as an industry leader in preventive and functional medicine. Each expert on the team contributes to the knowledge base of EVEXIAS Health Solutions and supports the advancement of our therapies, medical technologies, and programs to achieve our mission of optimizing the health of every patient.

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