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Novel Coronavirus 2019 (SARS-CoV-2) is very closely related to the SARS virus (SARS-CoV) that caused the SARS epidemic of 2003.  There are some very important differences that make this novel virus and its clinical disease presentation unique to anything we’ve ever seen before. 

Pellet Therapy Process

Have you put some thought into using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to see if it can make a difference in your wellness?

How to treat low libido in females

The key to fixing low libido is to identify what is causing you to have reduced or no sex drive which could be related to medications, aging, low sex hormones like testosterone, or high SHBG

Adrenal Fatigue: What Causes It?

A Superior Method of Hormone Optimization For Men & Women Adrenal fatigue – like many things in the medical field – is a controversial topic. It refers to a collection of symptoms, ranging from anxiety

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Is It Right for You?

When it comes to treating hormonal imbalance, there is no uniform approach. Yet, many in the medical field continuously prescribe “band-aid” treatments that may work for some but don’t offer all patients optimal results, nor

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women

Women need Testosterone as much as men do Do you know the symptoms of low testosterone in women? When it comes to hormones, many people associate women with estrogen and men with testosterone. But the

Let’s Talk Hair Loss & Hormone Pellets For Men

Male pattern baldness is pretty common. While it affects around 30 million women in the United States, it affects well over 50 million men. That is why we want to talk about hair loss and

EvexiPEL Hormone Pellet Therapy Testimonials

It’s obvious we’re big fans of hormone pellet therapy here at EvexiPEL! We could talk all day about its benefits, and the amazing experiences our patients have had by undergoing pellet therapy with EvexiPEL providers.