Why Pellet Therapy and Why EvexiPEL

Sometimes, we get so excited about our integrated approach to pellet therapy we forget to stop and explain exactly what it is.

So let’s break it down – we’ll talk about:

  1. What is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy?
  2. Why do you need it?
  3. Why is your approach superior?

What Is Pellet Therapy?

First, let’s get these terms straight. You’ll see the phrases “BHRT” (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) and “pellet therapy” scattered all over our website, but you may not know what the difference is, or how they’re related.

  • Pellet therapy is a type of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.
  • BHRT is a way to deliver bio-identical hormones to your body.

Okay, Got It. But I Still Don’t Know What Pellet Therapy Is?

There are several methods of delivering bio-identical hormones to your body. You can apply:

  • Patches
  • Creams
  • Pills

Each of these “solutions” has its issues, they:

  • Require constant maintenance
  • Require you to remember to do something every day
  • Can be messy
  • Aren’t even guaranteed to work

Pellet therapy is different. It consists of injecting a prescribed number of pellets (they are a little bigger than a grain of rice) into the fatty tissue underneath your skin.

The pellets contain hormones, which mimic (are bio-identical to) the effects of hormones in your body, and are gradually released into your bloodstream.

The pellets are released based on your cardiac output – how much physical activity you do, how much stress you’re under, etc.

Why Do I Need It?

BHRT is one of the most effective methods of addressing hormone imbalances or deficiencies. The following symptoms could be caused by a hormone imbalance in your body.

  • A lack of libido
  • Weight gain
  • Abnormal pain
  • Anxiety

One of the best ways to address this is to put the hormones you need back into your body. Which is exactly what we do with BHRT.

Why Is Your Approach Superior?

There are a lot of things that set us apart at EvexiPEL. First, we specialize in pellet therapy. Other practitioners offer the service, but few specialize in it.

1. We Are the Leading Expert

Our founder, Terri DeNeui, is a known leading expert in the BHRT field and has trained thousands of medical practitioners with her expertise.

Each week, we treat hundreds of patients who suffer from hormone imbalances. So, we think it’s safe to say that we know what we’re doing.

2. We Find the Root Cause

We also take an integrated approach to pellet therapy. This begins by finding the root cause of your health issues.

We don’t want to put a band-aid on your problems – we want to get to the bottom of it, and then use our expertise to create a long-lasting, sustainable solution.

3. We Give You a Personalized Plan

Once we discover the root cause, we’ll create a personalized plan that caters towards your needs. This may include multiple therapeutic methods – pellet therapy, detoxification, nutrient supplement – whatever we need to do to make you feel better.

4. We Love Our Patients

Our practitioners love spending time with their patients. It’s one of the main reasons they join us at EvexiPEL – we place a lot of value in the patient-practitioner connection.

With open communication channels, comfortable dialogue, and regular follow-ups, we want our patients to feel empowered to keep searching until they’re able to work with their practitioner to get the results they need.

Sometimes it takes more than just pellet therapy, and that is perfectly fine with us!

5. We Use a Natural Formula

There’s more – EvexiPEL’s approach is superior because it’s natural. The materials used in our pellets are derived from natural plant sources.

Federally qualified pharmacists will extract the exact amount of testosterone or estrogen needed from these plant sources, and compound them into our pellets.

So you can feel safe using our pellet method – nothing synthetic or hard to pronounce is going in your body.

Can I Hear From Your Patients?

Absolutely! We hear great things from our patients all the time. You can even check out their testimonials on our website.

  • Our patients love our emphasis on the patient-practitioner connection
  • Our integrated approach
  • The ease of pellet therapy
  • And most importantly, the results

They report having made the leap from other forms of BHRT, and how much of a difference pellet therapy has made. We’d love to have you join them!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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