Why Men Should Not Block Estrogen

Testosterone often dominates every discussion that revolves around men’s sexual health and overall wellness. Since it is the most well-known male sex hormone, the focus on testosterone as it relates to men’s sexual health is well deserved. At the same time, estrogen rightfully receives the bulk of the attention when discussing the role of hormones in female sexual health. While it is true that testosterone influences men’s sexual health more than any other hormone, that does not mean that estrogen should be ignored.

On the contrary, estrogen still contributes to male sexual function. In fact, low levels of estrogen can also lead to sexual dysfunction and other negative conditions much in the same way that low testosterone levels often do. Unfortunately, medical professionals can sometimes overlook estrogen’s contributions to men’s sexual health and whole-body health to the point that they prescribe aromatase inhibitors in order to promote higher testosterone levels via the reduction of estrogen levels. Recent medical research continues to highlight the relationship between estrogen levels and male whole-body health, making it increasingly critical to address the low testosterone levels connected to andropause without reducing levels of estrogen.

The Role of Estrogen in Men's Whole Body Health

Estrogen is a sex hormone that is vital for optimal sexual health in both women and men. In males, a form of estrogen known as estradiol is required by the body for a number of processes connected to sexual function that include sex drive stimulation, erectile function and sperm production. This crucial hormone even enhances the function of testicular cells.

Yet, the role of estrogen in men’s health does not end with its support of healthy sexual function. In addition to supporting many processes that are essential to sexual function, estrogen is needed by the body for a wide range of other processes that include:

A lack of healthy estrogen levels in men can then understandably lead to a variety of symptoms and health conditions that include:

How Estrogen Can Be Overlooked in Men's Health

The reason most people immediately think of testosterone when discussing male hormones is due to the fact that it does play the largest role in men’s health when compared to other hormones. Testosterone is naturally the most abundant of the sex hormones in men, so low levels can lead to a bevy of negative symptoms and health conditions. Ensuring that testosterone levels are optimal is critical in supporting optimal whole-body health, especially in men.

Unfortunately, many medical professionals do not consider the crucial roles of estrogen when attempting to balance testosterone levels. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has made great strides in supporting men’s health by enhancing testosterone levels, but medical professionals do not always think about low estrogen levels in men. In fact, some even try to block the production of estrogen in men by preventing a natural process that involves the conversion of testosterone into an enzyme known as aromatase. This natural conversion process is how a man’s body ensures that there are adequate levels of estrogen. While it is critical to address low levels of testosterone during andropause, blocking the production of estrogen through the use of aromatase inhibitors may create a new and unique hormonal imbalance with its own set of associated symptoms and health conditions.

Other Issues Associated with Aromatase

The potential issues created by low estrogen in men can be problematic on their own. To make matters worse, there is also a wide range of side effects that could potentially arise as a result of using aromatase inhibitors. These potential side effects and conditions include.

Addressing Low Levels of Estrogen in Men

There are natural ways to promote optimal estrogen levels. Men could potentially support healthy estrogen levels through dietary options that include sesame seeds, soybeans and flax seeds. There is also a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements that can promote optimal estrogen levels, including vitamin D, chasteberry, DHEA, red clover, boron, evening primrose oil, black cohosh and certain B vitamins like B2 and B6.

Of course, natural remedies can become less effective for men as they age. When supporting optimal hormone levels becomes more difficult, many men turn to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). While HRT has proven to be effective at promoting balanced hormone levels, it is crucial to remember that an imbalance in any hormone levels can result in devastating effects on whole body health. Supporting balanced levels of testosterone, estrogen and all other hormones could reduce the risk of experiencing the many symptoms and conditions that are associated with andropause.

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