6 Signs of Testosterone Imbalance in Men

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At EvexiPEL, we want you to listen to your body. If something feels a little off, you don’t have to discount yourself or take the “stiff upper lip” approach.

Instead, pay attention to your symptoms and how you feel. You might have an imbalance of testosterone.

Hormonal imbalances can drastically alter your quality of life. They can impact everything from a decreased sex drive to more frequent illness and longer recovery times.

If you’re experiencing some of the signs and symptoms listed below, check in with us. Together we’ll figure out if bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is right for you.

1. Inability to Focus and “Foggy” Memory

Having trouble focusing or remembering things can be caused by a variety of factors, but one of them could be hormonal imbalances. Changes in your testosterone level can make it harder to recall thing and focus.

2. Fatigue and Lethargy

These are prevalent symptoms of hormone imbalance, and in this case, can be caused by your thyroid generating too much thyroid hormone, which can make you sleepy.

3. Belly Issues

These could come in the form of:

  • Stomach fat that won’t go away
  • Bloating
  • Food cravings
  • Weight gain

4. Loss of Libido

(And the inability to achieve or maintain an erection.) This symptom is one of the most well-known symptoms of a testosterone imbalance, but certainly not the only one!.

If you’re experiencing a change in your sex drive, fewer morning erections, or related symptoms, don’t just dismiss it as part of getting older! A hormonal imbalance could cause the loss of libido.

5. Mood Swings, Anxiety, and Depression

Changes or decreases in hormones can cause moodiness. They can impact key brain chemicals that dictate your:

  • Mood
  • Anxiety
  • Depression levels

6. A Decline in General Well-Being

This symptom could take many forms, such as muscle aches and pains, excessive sweating, hair loss, dry skin, and so on.

If you’re experiencing what feels like too many of these factors at once, an imbalance in testosterone levels could be to blame.

I Recognize Some of These Symptoms…What Now?

If any of this is sounding familiar to you, don’t fret, we can help! Nothing makes us happier than seeing our patients living their best lives again.

Our pellet therapy has been proven to be a superior method of treating hormonal imbalance.

Contact EvexiPEL today to see if Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is right for you.

We Can Help

It is important to note we’ve listed just a few examples of symptoms of imbalanced hormones.

If you’re experiencing hormone imbalance, you may recognize every single one of these symptoms, none at all, one or two, or things not even on this list!

Either way, we’d love to chat and figure out if BHRT is the solution for you.

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