Do hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patients need to  use progesterone in tandem with estrogen even if they had a hysterectomy?

Most hormone replacement therapy (HRT) practitioners do not view a hysterectomy as a factor when prescribing progesterone. A lot of confusion surrounds the difference between synthetic progestins and natural (or bioidentical) progesterone. While progestins have carried the distinction of being connected to an increased risk of breast cancer, progesterone has shown an ability to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. Progesterone also helps balance estrogen levels, making it beneficial to all women, even post-hysterectomy women who do not need it to protect the uterine lining from estrogen stimulation.

When is it okay to start taking progesterone? 

Women can start to feel the effects of hormonal imbalance in the early stages of menopausal transition known as perimenopause. The earliest noticeable signs are usually irregular periods and/or vasomotor symptoms (VMS), also known as hot flashes and night sweats. VMS can weigh heavily on women and put a strain on their quality of life. Fortunately, studies show that HRT with progesterone can help address VMS and other symptoms of perimenopause, including increased body fat, mood swings and sleep loss.

Can men take progesterone?

EvexiPEL – certified practitioners do not prescribe progesterone for men.