Jemylene Evangelista

Dr. Jem is a compassionate and caring physician, who listens and takes time to explain her findings and treatment approach to patients. She is a Board Certified Family Medicine physician since 2009. She shares the private practice with her husband, Dr Bert and has been practicing now for 15 years. Dr. Jem is a certified Hormone Specialist and together with Dr Bert, are 2 of the best and leading Hormone Physicians in Yuma. She is also passionate with Holistic Wellness, Preventive Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine and is multicertified in Botox and Filler injections and PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) Therapy/Microneedling, Intravenous Vitamin Supplementation, and an expert in Weight Loss Management. Truly a gem for a doctor. When not seeing patients, they spend most of their time with their 3 sons travelling and playing sports. She is an active member of the church and the community. She actively participates in outreach programs and medical missions.