EvexiPEL Hormone Pellet Therapy Testimonials

It’s obvious we’re big fans of hormone pellet therapy here at EvexiPEL! We could talk all day about its benefits, and the amazing experiences our patients have had by undergoing pellet therapy with EvexiPEL providers.

But sometimes, you need to hear it from someone who has been there – someone who has made the choice to go through our patented bio-identical hormone replacement therapy program and has first-hand experienced its effects on their lifestyle.

So we’ll help you out; this post provides a rundown of four patients:

  1. Jason
  2. Robyn
  3. Nicole
  4. Yolanda

These four patients have various reasons for undergoing pellet therapy treatment, and couldn’t be happier; they decided to improve their lives with EvexiPEL.

Let’s take a look at their stories, and if any of them are sounding a little too familiar to you, give us a call!

1. Jason’s Therapy.

Jason’s symptoms were extreme fatigue and a lack of desire in many aspects of his life, and the stress of owning his own company didn’t help.

He would have to take a nap every afternoon to function, but could hardly wake up from it. Jason tried testosterone injections, but the roller coaster of emotions he experienced from them was unbearable.

After deciding to work with EvexiPEL, he has had only great experiences with the staff. Hormone injections were painful and never quite got his dosage right; with pellets, Jason has found the procedure is extremely quick and painless, and he gets his proper dosage every time.

Last year, Jason went to college full-time, ran his business, and played co-ed football – he couldn’t have done it all without BHRT.

2. Robyn’s Pellet Therapy.

Robyn was so tired she almost felt depressed – more and more she found she didn’t have the energy to do things she used to love.

She couldn’t bring herself to exercise and started gaining weight. Robyn talked to folks at EvexiPEL, who explained where her hormone levels currently were, and how different her life could be if they were normal.

At the recommendation of EvexiPEL professionals, Robyn got bloodwork done, and was able to see not only where her levels were, but also how they could be brought into an optimal range.

Now, Robyn feels she has the tools and confidence to take care of her health. She remembers the first time she walked a mile after starting pellet therapy and was so proud of herself.

Robyn says pellet therapy has been life-changing; now she can look forward to going out to dinner with friends, instead of dreading having enough energy for it.

Now that she feels better, she’s able to examine other areas of her health – before pellets, Robyn was on multiple medications, now she is on none.

3. Nicole’s Hormone Pellet Therapy.

Nicole had lots of mood swings. She would be exhausted during the day, but couldn’t sleep at night. After Nicole’s hysterectomy, she knew she had to decide on how to go about hormone replacement.

She chose to work with EvexiPEL and undergo BHRT and hasn’t looked back. Every staff member Nicole has worked with is using pellet therapy themselves, meaning they know exactly what she’s going through.

She has found they never scoff at her questions, and explain everything in a warm and friendly manner. Now that Nicole is on the pellet, she doesn’t feel like she needs a giant cup of coffee in the middle of every day; she has the energy she needs to keep going.

Just as important as being able to run around and accomplish things during the day, Nicole has found that she has the energy to have a great home life – including improved intimacy levels.

She stills stresses at times, but now she feels can handle and address stress herself, instead of feeling like it is taking over her.

4. Yolanda’s Hormone Pellet Therapy.

Yolanda would wake up in the middle of the night with horrible hot flashes, and both her energy levels and sex drive were abnormally low.

She decided to have a conversation with Terri DeNeui, who explained everything to her and walked her through the BHRT process.

Until she talked with Terri, Yolanda didn’t realize that testosterone was important for women to have as well, and finally understood her symptoms.

She loves pellet therapy for how quick and painless it is – the procedure is done in a matter of minutes, and then you can head home. After starting the pellets, Yolanda has stopped experiencing hot flashes and has tons of energy to get through her days.

We Can Help

Whatever you may need, we’ll be sure to give you the individual attention (including follow-up visits) you deserve.

We won’t be satisfied until we know that you’re feeling your best. And of course, we will help give you whatever tools you need to undergo your lifestyle changes.

It may also take follow-up visits and adjustments to your treatment over time, but in our opinion, that’s a small price to pay for getting your quality of life back!

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