Are there side effects to estrogen delivered by pellet implementation? 

The most common side effects women experience when they begin estrogen replacement therapy via pellet implantation are temporary breast tenderness and uterine bleeding. These symptoms usually go away as the body becomes accustomed to balanced estrogen levels, but women who have not had a hysterectomy may still want to discuss different delivery method options for estrogen with a highly-trained medical practitioner. These options could also include combining estrogen with testosterone or progesterone, which does not carry the same increased risk of cancer like synthetic progestin.

Standard pellet therapy also comes with a risk of side effects regardless of which hormones are used. The most common side effects of standard pellet insertion include extrusion of the pellet, minor bleeding or bruising at the insertion site, infection and discoloration of the skin. Many of these risks can be reduced with EvexiPEL pellets and the EvexiPEL Method, which were developed by Dr. Terri DeNeui using 15 years of research. Dr. DeNeui wanted a more comfortable patient experience not only during the insertion procedure, but throughout each treatment cycle between procedures as well. 

Even with reduced risks of side effects at the insertion site, there are still other possible symptoms that the body may experience at first while adjusting to the balanced hormone levels. These symptoms include acne, oily skin, unwanted hair growth, fatigue and increased body fat.