How much do pellets cost? 

The cost for pellets and the insertion procedure depend on different variables like dosage, number of pellets needed and the type of hormone used. 

The cost for women usually works out to $300-350.

Since men often need a much larger dose of testosterone, the cost for them usually falls between $650-750.

How many procedures are required for optimal results? 

This answer also varies from one person to the next depending on how quickly their bodies can metabolize the hormones, but 2-4 procedures per year are usually sufficient to achieve optimal results.

Are pellets more expensive than traditional medical solutions?

Again, this answer depends on different variables like the number of symptoms a person may be experiencing and the severity of those symptoms. 

However, when you start to add the varying costs of addressing multiple symptoms like sleep loss, increased body fat, hot flashes, night sweats, erectile dysfunction (ED), loss of sex drive, hair loss, cardiovascular issues, difficulties with focusing and memory loss, the cost of 2-4 pellet procedures per year can actually be considered a bargain in comparison.