Founder of BioTe Medical Issues Apology to EVEXIAS Founder

BioTe Lawsuit vs EVEXIAS

Founder of BioTe Medical, Dr. Gary Donovitz, Issues Apology as Outcome of Years-Long Litigation with EVEXIAS Health Solutions Ends

It all began in 2018, when EvexiPEL®, the up-and-coming preferred method of hormone pellet therapy, emerged on the scene as the flagship product of EVEXIAS Health Solutions. Prior to 2018, BioTe Medical (NASDAQ: HYAC, BTMD) rarely batted an eye at the competition. Many pellet therapy companies had come and gone in the integrative medicine space, but few became a household name.

With a threat looming, Founder of BioTe Medical, Dr. Gary Donovitz, took the courts, drumming up false claims against the brand and ensnaring the entire organization, including its affiliates, in costly litigation. The battle waged for nearly half a decade.

The DeNeuis and their teams never lost sight of their mission: positively impacting people’s lives. With unshakable determination, the organization focused on what success means to so many practitioners and their patients: a better way of life.

Finally, early in 2022, that focus was rewarded with the courts requiring a public apology from Dr. Donovitz. The apology ran in the Dallas Morning News in late April 2022, officially ending the legal feud.

Today, EVEXIAS Health Solutions is marching ever-forward. The company is poised to truly transform the practice of medicine doubling in revenue year over year. In May 2022, EVEXIAS hosted its largest practitioner training and certification event in the company’s history. The addition of new therapies, cutting-edge tech, and top leaders in integrative medicine are making EVEXIAS a strong force in the marketplace.

EvexiPEL, a proprietary method of pellet therapy and hormone optimization, is the flagship product of EVEXIAS. The network of EvexiPEL Certified Providers boasts thousands nationwide with new markets opening each month.

EVEXIAS recently added peptide therapy to its arsenal and has other new, advanced therapies and technologies scheduled for launch before the year’s end.

You can discover the EvexiPEL difference and all the EVEXIAS Health Solutions has to offer. If you’re a patient, find a provider near you. If you’re a practitioner, partner with us.

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