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The EvexiPEL Method is the signature program exclusively offered by EVEXIAS.

EvexiPEL is a comprehensive solution to the uncomfortable symptoms associated with aging and provides the added benefit of support for disease prevention. Hormone balance has been shown to eliminate distressing symptoms and mitigate markers of multiple major chronic diseases. EvexiPEL pellet therapy is a true health solution—backed by medical research—for men and women seeking to achieve hormone balance.

As an EvexiPEL certified provider, you gain access to the highest quality compounds for hormone replacement therapy, superior pellet therapy, industry-leading nutraceuticals to support optimization, and medical education to develop  a complete, custom, and highly effective treatment plan for each individual patient.

Opportunity Awaits

Making compound
Woman endocrinologist palpates of woman's neck for diagnostics of thyroid diseases. Thyroid gland exam and treatment

Open up the Possibilities

Pellet Therapy

Optimize care with the preferred method of pellet therapy by practitioners and patients

Peptide Therapy

Advanced training, protocols, and marketing from leading experts in transformative peptide therapy


Complement integrative therapies with pure ingredients and technology to support compliance

Strategic Pharmaceutical Partnership

Partnerships with some of the top compounding pharmacies and leading outsourcing facilities in the nation

Male doctor talking with patient seriously at clinic.

Complete Support

EVEXIAS is by your side as you implement our integrative therapies and technology into your practice. Each local, dedicated Practice Development Specialist is an expert is cash-based medical practice operations and understands the nuances managing cash and insurance based services side-by-side.

As you continue your journey with EVEXIAS, you get continuous support for your practice with team resources that specialize in medical training and education, advanced technology, practice operations, and strategic marketing.

Get the Research

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Catch the Buzz


We needed a pellet therapy provider that was in alignment with our goals, particularly with patient outcomes. That’s why we chose EvexiPEL.

Amanda McNeil

I had 15,000 patients coming to my practice. … I was living week to week with my cash flow. [EvexiPEL] has made things very comfortable. I don’t have to worry. ..It’s been incredible. The most incredible thing is the education on hormone therapy…

Douglas Cochran, MD, ABFM

EvexiPEL is unique and superior. It makes the entire patient experience better.

Johnny Peet, MD, FACOG