Is your digital impression making a great impression?


Take control of your online profiles to reach more people, book more patients, and support better patient education. With EVEXIAS’ Reputation Management solution, the best digital impression has never been easier. In just 7 days, you will begin to see the importance of your online footprint. 

It all begins with the addition and cleanup of your online profile across 30 of the top rating and review sites, including premium listings on WebMD, Vitals, and the EVEXIAS.COM Practice Locator. 

Next, the EVEXIAS team will send you monthly reporting so you can get measurable insights on the performance of your investment. Each quarter, our team will review an executive summary of your campaign performance, including data on how many patient appointments came from your online listings. The average practitioner achieves a 525% ROI with the EVEXIAS Reputation Management Solution.

EVEXIAS Reputation Management solves the complexities of meeting people where they live, work, and play: online. Click below to get your free digital assessment. 




Connect with your patients with your EVEXIAS products and services easily and effectively.  

As an EVEXIAS Partner Practitioner, you can choose from a library of posters and banners complete with QR codes specific to your practice. 

When patient scan the QR code, they are entered into a campaign that supports learning and builds value in the leading-edge therapies at your practice. The campaigns include a text message series, plus various types of learning opportunities from videos and assessments to testimonials and educational reading.

Over 20% of patients that engage with EVEXIAS Connect book an appointment and when paired with the pre and post treatment campaigns, patient compliance and retention improve too. It’s a simple way to offer more patients the best therapies for vitality and optimal health–year after year.

EVEXIAS Connect makes it easy to give your patients an experience worth talking about. Contact your Practice Development Specialist to learn more.

*EVEXIAS Connect included for EVEXIAS Partners. Not a partner? Ask your Practice Development Specialist about options to upgrade your marketing.

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