EVEXIAS Health Solutions Partnerships

Working together to advance the practice of preventive medicine and transform patient care

At EVEXIAS Health Solutions, we exclusively work with industry leaders to ensure you the finest tools and resources to support the needs of your growing practice and deliver the highest level of care to your patients. From leading laboratories to top-ranked pharmacies, as a part of the EHS network, you gain access to:

Diagnostic Laboratories

Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics is known for its ever-growing menu of routine and esoteric tests curated to support screening, diagnosis, and monitoring. 


LabCorp prioritizes innovation with high-quality diagnostic insights and technology-enabled laboratory solutions. 

CPL Labs

CPL Labs stands by one simple philosophy to deliver a better experience for physicians that results in better outcomes for patients.  

Compounding Pharmacies

FarmaKeio Superior Custom Compounding

FarmaKeio Superior Custom Compounding pharmacy specializes in tailored, high-quality pharmaceuticals designed specifically to serve functional medicine physicians. FarmaKeio Superior Custom Compounding takes a patient-centric approach to ensure your patients achieve optimal outcomes.

FarmaKeio Outsourcing

FarmaKeio Outsourcing is ranked among the best in pharmaceutical compounding, expertly culminating the art and science of professional compounding services. Leading medical practices trust FaramKeio Outsourcing to deliver safe, effective formulations for their patients.

Wells Pharmacy Network

Wells Pharmacy is renowned for demystifying the complexities of custom medications, making it easy for providers to get the custom pharmaceuticals their patients need.

Belmar Pharma Solutions

Belmar Pharma Solutions specializes in manufacturing and selling custom-compounded pharmaceuticals for integrative medicine practices and their patients.

Nutraceutical Manufacturers

DaVinci Laboratories

DaVinci Laboratories focuses on improving lives by producing high-quality, physician-formulated supplements from all-natural, nutrient-rich ingredients.


Metagenics exclusively offers evidence-based supplements and services to practitioners who seek to exceed the possibilities in patient care.